Structural and Cellular Biology

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Ms. Lucy Goodwin,

Program Coordinator,

tel: 504-988-5255


Ms. Shannon Smith,

Program Manager,


Anatomy Graduate Program Faculty


Program Director: Steven M. Hill, PhD, Professor,

Associate Program Director: Tripp Frasch, Lecturer,



All of the teaching for the graduate program in Anatomy is delivered by the same award-winning faculty who contribute to teaching in the MD program at Tulane School of Medicine. Faculty bring the highest standards of contemporary teaching and innovation to their courses.


Murali Anbalagan, PhD., Instructor,

Victoria Perepelitsa Belancio, PhD., Associate Professor.

David E. Blask, PhD, MD., Professor

Yan Dong, PhD., Associate Professor

José A. Mascorro, BS., Adjunct Research Assistant Professor.

Brian G. Rowan, PhD., Associate Professor & Chair.

Zongbing You, MD, PhD., Associate Professor.

Liza Zhang, MD, PhD., Instructor,



*To receive credit for Graduate Neuroscience from taking Medical Neuroscience, you must register for Graduate Neuroscience in the Spring. No tuition will be charged for claimed credit.



Offered in Fall Semester

ANAT 7065 Graduate Anatomy PDF

ANAT 7120 Anatomy Research Seminar I PDF

ANAT 7240 Advances in Anatomical Sciences I PDF

ANAT 7350 Anatomical Techniques PDF

ANAT 7410 Graduate Introductory Functional Anatomy PDF

ANAT 7510 Teaching Microscopic Anatomy I PDF

ANAT 7610 Teaching Techniques in Health Sciences PDF

ANAT 7630 Clinical Grand Rounds in Surgery PDF

ANAT 7640 Clinical grand rounds in Medicine  PDF

ANAT 7750 Teaching Gross & Developmental Anatomy  PDF

ANAT 7810 Research Design and Methods I PDF

ANAT 7830 Research Project Seminar PDF


Offered in Spring Semester

ANAT 7055 Graduate Histology PDF

ANAT 7130 Anatomy Research Seminar II PDF

ANAT 7250 Advances in Anatomical Sciences II PDF

ANAT 7420 Graduate Systems Functional Anatomy PDF

ANAT 7520 Teaching Microscopic Anatomy II PDF

ANAT-7560 Signal transduction and hormone action  PDF

ANAT 7575 Graduate Neuroscience PDF

ANAT 7620 Interactive Teaching Techniques  PDF

ANAT 7630 Clinical Grand Rounds in Surgery PDF

ANAT 7640 Clinical grand rounds in Medicine PDF

ANAT 7760 Teaching Neuroanatomy PDF

ANAT 7820 Research Design and Methods II  PDF

ANAT 7840 Research Thesis  PDF


Offered in the Summer

ANAT 7790 Advanced Surgery-based Anatomy PDF